Emerging Michigan Manufacturing Companies Revolutionizing the Engineering Industry

January 24, 2024

In recent years, Michigan has become a fertile ground for newer companies thriving in various fields of engineering – specifically in Manufacturing. Pushing against traditional boundaries, these companies have harnessed the power of innovation and technical prowess to set up shop and make significant headway within this industry. This article highlights some of these companies, all coming into existence post 2015 and having their roots set in Michigan.

Michigan’s rich history in design, manufacturing, and technological innovation presents a competitive edge to these companies. From implementing cutting-edge technology in public safety to reviving the art of traditional distillation processes, bringing ground-breaking concepts in fashion to reshaping the furniture industry – the diversity of these sectors reaffirms the adaptable and dynamic nature of Manufacturing. A shared commitment towards quality, refined design, and customer satisfaction has set these companies apart within their respective fields.

All these companies have shown remarkable growth within a short period, proving their mettle within the densely competitive Manufacturing industry. Their success provides a lens into the robust growth and potential within this sector, as well as the significant role of innovation and technology in reshaping traditional sectors like manufacturing. Here’s a closer look into each of these companies:

Sentinl inc

Sentinl inc., founded by Omer Kiyani, has ingeniously used Detroit’s unique combination of engineering, manufacturing, and gun ownership to create Identilock – a product that enhances responsible firearm ownership by providing instant access through fingerprint authentication. You can learn more about them through their Facebook, LinkedIn and @identilock Twitter handles.

Long Road Distillers LLC

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Long Road Distillers LLC is in the food and beverage industry, specializing particularly in creating exquisite spirits. To learn more about their work, visit their social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and @longroadgr on Twitter.

ILERA Apothecary

Focusing on the beauty, e-commerce, and manufacturing industries, ILERA Apothecary, founded by Chinonye Akunne, hails from Detroit. They can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and @ileraapothecary on Twitter.

The Infinity Workshop

The Infinity Workshop, operating out of Dearborn, specializes in manufacturing and product design. To know more, visit their website and their Twitter handle @tiworkshop.

Evolved Safety

Grand Rapids based Evolved Safety operates in the e-learning, manufacturing, public safety, and training industries. They are present on Facebook, LinkedIn and their Twitter is @EvolvedSafety.

Ash & Erie

Founded by Eric Huang and Steven Mazur, Ash & Erie in Detroit is in the business of fashion, manufacturing, and shipping. They design, manufacture, and sell clothes for shorter men. Check out their social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and their Twitter handle @ashanderie.


Founded by Jeremy Leffring, Fomcore in Muskegon is in commercial, furniture, home improvement, and manufacturing industries, providing custom furniture solutions for different settings. Join their Facebook, LinkedIn and @fomcore on Twitter to stay updated.

Novo Building Products

Novo Building Products, based in Zeeland, is a millwork manufacturing, marketing, and distribution holding company. Learn more about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Oakland Automation

Located in Livonia, Oakland Automation operates in various industrial sectors including B2B, Industrial, Industrial Engineering, and Machinery Manufacturing. Visit LinkedIn to learn more about them.

Urgent Tool and Machine

Grand Rapids based Urgent Tool and Machine is making strides in Industrial Engineering, Machine Learning, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and even Mechanical Engineering and Power Grid technologies. Visit their website to know more.

Precision Metal Art

Operating from Hillsdale, Precision Metal Art is involved in Art, Home Decor, Manufacturing, and Wholesale sectors, providing beautiful metal art pieces. You can keep up with their work through their Facebook, LinkedIn and @usa_precision on Twitter.

Each of these organizations, despite their varied sectors, contributes significantly to the flourishing manufacturing scene in Michigan. Their dedication to innovation, coupled with a passion for excellence in their craft, is surely making waves not just locally, but on a global scale as well.

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