Emerging Ohio-Based Manufacturing Engineering Companies: A Deep Dive

January 24, 2024

Ohio has gained a reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of engineering and manufacturing. Numerous companies established since 2015 are operating in the industrial landscape with headquarters based in Ohio. In this article, we will highlight some of these entities, their operations, and the dynamism they bring into the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Ohio companies, particularly those specializing in Industrial Engineering, IT, Medical Manufacturing, and Food Processing, are contributing significantly to Manufacturing. Many of these companies demonstrate impressive growth by focusing on innovation and forward-thinking strategies that revolutionize their respective industries.

Let’s take a look at these extraordinary companies making waves in a variety of manufacturing sub-sectors. The listed companies have carved a niche for themselves and are making significant contributions to various sectors within the vast expanse of manufacturing.

Epix Tube

Founded in Dayton, Epix Tube is revolutionizing the world of industrial engineering and manufacturing. Specializing in Industrial Manufacturing, this company is a testament to the innovative spirit of Ohio’s engineering industry.


Operating out of Tipp City, Skuld is a prominent player in the field of computer, information technology, and manufacturing. Arising in the technological era, Skuld underscores the area’s development within the digital space alongside manufacturing.

READY Robotics

Ready Robotics, based in Columbus and founded by Benjamin Gibbs and Kelleher Guerin, is a game-changing player in the fields of Hardware, Industrial Automation, and Manufacturing. Their innovative software called Forge is designed to deploy robots on the factory floor easily, making manufacturing tasks more efficient. The company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages provide additional interesting insights.

Gathered Foods

Founded by Chad Sarno and Derek Sarno, Gathered Foods, headquartered in Heath, Ohio, focuses on Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Manufacturing, and Nutrition industries. With a commitment to producing plant-based products, they offer an alternative to seafood and other plant-based proteins, helping consumers enjoy seafood in a cruelty-free manner.


IDA USA LLC, founded by Aleksey Prykhodko and Igor Romanenko in Columbus, specialises in hardware, Information Services, Information Technology, Innovation Management, and Manufacturing. They are driven by creating innovative and ergonomic products that simplify and enhance life.


Under the leadership of founder Kaushik Mishra, Polylux, based in Akron, is an advanced materials company that develops light-switchable adhesive platforms. They are truly making their mark with their contributions to the Manufacturing, Medical, and Medical Device industries.

ALC Innovations

ALC Innovations, spearheaded by Chris Crader in Columbus, is a leading player in the Biotechnology, Consumer Goods, and Manufacturing sector. With an eco-friendly approach to creating cleaning products, ALCI is making its mark in the field of commercial goods manufacturing.

Grove Bags

Founded by Jack Grover, Grove Bags, based in Cleveland, specialise in Cannabis, Manufacturing, and Packaging Services. With a commitment to creating sustainable cannabis packaging solutions, they maintain product freshness and prevent degradation. You can learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Luminex Home Decor & Fragrance

Operating out of Cincinnati, Luminex Home Decor & Fragrance is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality home decor products. They work in the Consumer Goods, Home Decor, and Manufacturing industry, creating and selling beautiful, functional home accents.

GE Additive

Based in Cincinnati, GE Additive is passionate about the transformative power of advanced manufacturing. Building on their extensive network of teams and sites, they are making great strides in advancing additive technologies and solving contemporary design and manufacturing challenges.

Gute Medical

Finally, Gute Medical, founded by Tarek Abd Elmoez and based in Cincinnati, is a leading player in the Pharmaceutical, Wholesale, and Manufacturing sectors. As a pharmaceutical company, Gute Medical distributes a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and supplements.

These companies, all founded after 2015, indicate the bright future of the manufacturing industry in Ohio. They are leveraging innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology to carve out a niche for themselves in the competitive business landscape.

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