Emerging US-Based Companies Revolutionizing the Engineering Fuel Industry

January 10, 2024

The energy and fuel industry is constantly evolving, with new players entering the race each year. Some of these companies, established in 2015 or later, are making significant strides within the sector. What these companies have in common is the shared headquarters in the United States. As we uncover their stories, prepare to be inspired by their innovation, commitment and vision towards a cleaner and efficient energy future.

These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology, including Blockchain, IoT, mobile apps, and clean energy techniques to revolutionize their respective areas. This article features 11 such companies, providing an overview of their unique journey, and the solutions they bring to the market.

Be it optimizing energy storage, introducing convenient fuel delivery methods, propelling conventional energy exploration, or even fostering advancements in smarter fleet management, these companies are redefining the sector’s boundaries. Let’s dive in to know more about these ground-breaking enterprises.

MicroEra Power

Based in Rochester, NewYork, MicroEra Power was founded by Eleanor Rusling and M. James Grieve. The company is developing the THERMAplus™, a low-cost, low-carbon thermal energy storage system, to provide commercial buildings with reduced HVAC operating costs, reliable heating and cooling, resiliency and sustainability. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


GasUp, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is reinventing the entire gas delivery and acquisition process. Co-founded by Jonathan Beltran and R. Shawn Williams, it offers a secure, reliable way to request a gas delivery via your mobile phone. Stay updated about this service through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Established in Livermore, California, Gluon is creating an interconnected network of businesses, consumers, and vehicles. The founders, Hakam Misson, Narinder Bajwa, Sameer Misson and Stuart Hockman, seek to connect disconnected organizations within the oil and gas industry. Follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts for their latest updates.


Based in Miami, Florida, GasNinjas, co-founded by Barret Hammond, Brandon Timinsky, and Christopher Aubuchon, offers a scheduled mobile fuel delivery service. Their app allows customers to request their gas to be delivered directly to their car. Follow their activities on Twitter, Facebook , and LinkedIn round the clock.

Flash Racks

Based in Houston, Texas, Flash Racks was established by Tom Florence and Jeff Firestone in 2015. They focus on developing technology solutions for energy transportation, mainly for product carriers and shippers. Follow their news on Twitter.

AVAD Energy Partners

Focusing on acquiring and developing conventional oil and natural gas properties, AVAD Energy Partners are based in Dallas, Texas. The founders, Crystal Blackstone, Tom Quigley, and John Davis, have combined 90 years of oil and gas industry experience.

EPUS Global Energy

EPUS Global Energy, founded by Jeffrey Johnson in Fort Worth, Texas, focuses on acquiring oil and gas producing assets. For more updates, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn .

Exit 7C

Exit 7C, based in Wisconsin, operates in the fields of mobile payment, fleet management, fuel and maintenance management. Founded by Blessing Egbon, it leverages technology to provide services to transportation fleets. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook , and LinkedIn.

Mega Gas

Based in New York, Mega Gas is a young energy company contributing to the fuel and oil and gas sector. Stay connected with their latest updates on Facebook.


Founded by Ken Evans, Konexial’s Transport Platform as a Service (TPaaS) ecosystem provides carriers with technologies that improve profitability. Their solutions include ELD, Fleet Management, AI Video, and TMS. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook , and LinkedIn.

Shell TapUp

Shell TapUp, founded by Daniel Arbour and headquartered in Houston, Texas, provides advanced Shell fuels to help maintain your vehicles. They offer an onsite mobile fueling service, saving time and reducing mileage. Stay updated with their developments on LinkedIn.

These companies, each with their unique approaches and innovative solutions, are reshaping the energy and fuel industry. As they grow and evolve, they continue to contribute to the sector’s transformation and promise an exciting future filled with advancements and breakthroughs.

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