Emerging US-Based Energy Management Engineering Companies: A Comprehensive Showcase

January 10, 2024

Despite being a relatively agile sector of the engineering industry, energy management has seen the inception of several companies post 2015. These companies exhibit a range of specialties from renewable energy and energy efficiency to artificial intelligence and IoT applications for energy. This article aims to highlight some key companies in the United States that are marking an impact on the industry with their cutting-edge solutions.

The energy management industry plays a crucial role in both the advancement and interconnectedness of our societies. Businesses in this sector work towards maximizing energy efficiency, reducing energy use, and increasing the adoption of renewable sources. As a result, these companies contribute to environmental sustainability and cost saving initiatives.

The companies listed in this article were selected based on their inception dates (2015-present), and their presence in the energy management sector. Each organization showcases different facets of the industry, leading to a greater variety among the featured companies. The companies are pursuing different paths towards a more sustainable and efficient future, yet all contribute to energy management’s broad goals and appeal.

Ameri Energy Group

Ameri Energy Group, established by Anthony Chirico, Peter Faust, and Richard Stebbins, is engaged in energy-saving products manufacturing. The company’s product line, known as “SunShine,” improves the lighting in flat-roofed buildings while minimizing energy waste. The company’s operations reside in Essex, Connecticut.

Clean Sky Energy

Based in Novato, California, Clean Sky Energy is a renewable energy technologies integrator founded by Art Athas and Sean Rodrigues. The company develops advanced micro-grids for net zero energy developments, incorporating renewable energy, energy storage, and a unique energy management system.

TEQ Charging

TEQ Charging, located in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded by Dorrier Coleman, Josh Lieberman, and Mark Wasiele. The business offers a power management system that moves extensive, complex electrical infrastructure to the cloud, ensuring each electric vehicle receives its charge by the requested time.

Looop, Inc.

CJ Bertram founded Looop, Inc., a New York-based company involved in commercial real estate and energy management. Their product uses sensors and software to monitor the real-time occupancy and traffic flow of people in buildings, allowing for more efficient energy use.

Alea Labs

Alea Labs, based in Redwood City, California, was founded by Bhusan Gupta, Hamid Farzaneh, and Hamid Najafi. The company offers a sensor and cloud-based platform that provides precise room-by-room control of heating and cooling.

Conectric Networks

Conectric Networks provides a wireless mesh connectivity system for auto-configuring wireless sensors. The founders Cameron Turner, Demetrio Tessada, Ekawahyu Susilo, and Kris Kohl strive to make the world more productive, safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable using this technology.


Located in Sunnyvale, California, xMight has developed an electric vehicle charging management system and services. Young Liang, founder of xMight, maintains Tesla Taiwan as one of their major clients.

Electrify America

Electrify America is a company committed to providing electric vehicle charging networks nationwide. Based in Reston, Virginia, the company offers transformative, customer-centric infrastructure for electric vehicle charging.

Longroad Energy

Longroad Energy specializes in the development and operation of renewable energy projects. Founded by Charles Spiliotis, Michael Alvarez, and Paul Gaynor in 2016, this Boston-based company is making great strides in the energy field.


Founded by Alexander Bazhinov, Lumin balances the needs of energy storage and multiple power sources, ensuring optimal operation of residential microgrids. This Charlottesville, Virginia-based company is an innovator in responsive load control.


On.Energy is a Miami-based company specializing in the development, construction, and operation of turnkey solutions for smarter energy storage. The engineering firm also uses its proprietary analytics and AI-powered software to assist in smarter energy storage.

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