Emerging US Companies Revolutionizing the Renewable Energy Engineering Landscape

February 10, 2024

In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the emergence of companies operating within the renewable energy sector. With the increasing threat of climate change and the commitment to reduce carbon emissions, the renewable energy industry has received substantial investment and development. This has led to the inception of many new companies, striving to innovate and contribute to the growth of sustainable energy resources. In this article, we have a closer look at companies, established since 2015, headquartered in the United States and pioneering in the renewable energy sector, promise to not only bring forth innovation but also secure a sustainable future.

These companies cover various subsets of the renewable energy sector, focusing on wide-ranging areas including energy consultancy, sunny solar services, energy operations, and maintenance providers, to manufacturers working on state-of-the-art machinery and tools that make renewable energy harvesting a reality. Their collective goal remains consistent – to provide clean and sustainable energy options that are viable, efficient and adaptable for different uses and terrains.

Let’s explore more about these progressive companies operating in this sector.

SPT Energy Group

Located in Abbeville, Louisiana, SPT Energy Group operates within the renewable energy industry.

Run Energy

Based in Texas, Run Energy provides operations, maintenance, installation and technical services for the energy and environmental industries worldwide. They offer a unique blend of services that are customizable to meet their clients’ varied requirements. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Landmaster Partners

Also based in Texas, Landmaster Partners, evaluate older oil & gas properties for acquisition, confirm the presence of oil and gas, and resell the property for profit. They engage with investors at various thresholds, with a starting point of $25,000. They also intend to conduct a reverse merger with a public company in Canada. They provide updates on their operations via their Facebook page.

Blade Platforms

Based in Texas, Blade Platforms functions in the industries of renewable energy, real estate development, and aerospace. As a rental company, they offer IPAF training, equipment solutions, and skilled labor supply. Stay updated with their operations via their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Solar On Earth

Based in Massachusetts, Solar On Earth works on connecting local residents and businesses with community solar farms, bringing about an era of community-driven renewable energy. Their updates can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Strategic Contract Resources

Located in Georgia, Strategic Contract Resources provides contract project recruiting, direct hire recruiting, and executive search services. Stay connected with their key updates on LinkedIn and Facebook.

E Energy Adams Llc

E Energy Adams Llc, based in Nebraska, operates within the energy, environmental consulting, and renewable energy industries. You can find more details about them on LinkedIn.


SunSource, based in Illinois, operates in many fields including the energy, renewable energy, and machinery manufacturing sector. Keep up with their latest news via LinkedIn and their Facebook page.

Source North America Corporation

Also based in Illinois, Source North America Corporation belongs to the energy and renewable energy industry. Follow their updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Brook Electrical

Brook Electrical, another company based in Illinois, operates in the energy and manufacturing sectors. Follow their journey on their Facebook page and on LinkedIn.

Noble Royalties

Last but not the least, Noble Royalties, headquartered in Texas, operates in the energy and renewable energy field. They specialize in the niche of buying and operating oil & gas royalties.

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