US Public Safety Engineering Firms: Innovators in Focus

February 10, 2024

The United States has become a hotbed for advancements and revolutions within various engineering sub-sectors, especially the Public Safety industry. Numerous start-ups, established post-2015, are making transformative breakthroughs, targeting huge, complex problems with innovative solutions across the sector. This article sets out to highlight such companies, exhibiting how they leverage technology for enhancing public safety, a concern at the heart of our societal fabric.

From fields as diverse as E-Learning to Aerospace, these companies craft a dynamic, multifaceted approach towards developing products and services that cater to the evolving needs of public safety requirements. These include implementing smarter ways to combat threats, taking precautionary measures, and ensuring swift and effective responses during emergency scenarios.

As we shed light on these pioneering entities, we aim to foster awareness and inspire future innovations in this critically important field. We believe that this deeper understanding will contribute towards developing safer and smarter communities, which is, after all, the ultimate objective of engineering.


Founded by visionary entrepreneur David Zakariaie and nested in the vibrant tech hub of Austin, Texas, Senseye stands at the crossing of several industries including Software, Wearables, Health Care, and of course, Public Safety. The company’s ambitious moonshot approach combines intelligent and creative minds to fuse human emotion with computer interaction. Sensye’s non-invasive ocular technology quantifies cognitive ability, performance, health, and psychological wellbeing, delivering astonishing insights into human cognition and health. Follow them on Linkedin for more updates and information.

Limit Line

With its roots deeply planted in Santa Monica, California, Limit Line is endeavoring to revolutionize the automotive and public safety sectors. Founded by Rauhmel Fox, the start-up is focused on leveraging advanced hardware and software solutions to make public spaces safer and more secure.

Ascent AeroSystems

Under the leadership of founders Jonathan Meringer, Nathaniel Meringer, and Peter Fuchs, Ascent AeroSystems designs and manufactures unique, portable, durable, and most importantly, reliable “coaxial” drones. With a headquarters located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, the company caters to a diverse customer base within the industrial, public safety, and military markets, pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology for safety applications.


Founded by pioneers Christopher Eyhorn and Gerard Juarez, DroneSense is yet another Austin-born innovation redefining the intersection of technology and public safety. The company offers a complete drone management and collaboration platform designed primarily with public safety, governmental and critical infrastructure organizations in mind. Time to follow DroneSense on Linkedin for more news on their interesting journey.

nSide – The School Safety Platform

Conceived by Steven McKinney and based in Florence, Alabama, nSide is a public safety startup seeking to provide ‘SaaS’, ‘School Safety’, and ‘Emergency Management’ solutions. Their mission is to create a safer educational environment. Check them out on LinkedIn and Facebook for more insights.

Sentinl inc.

Operating out of Detroit, Michigan, the home of American engineering and manufacturing, Sentinl Inc. was founded by Omer Kiyani. Combining elements of Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Public Safety, the startup aims to elevate responsible firearm ownership with its primary product – IDENTILOCK™. This technology allows instant access to secure firearms using fingerprint authentication. Join them on their LinkedIn and Facebook platforms for augmenting public safety awareness.


BLAXi, founded by Evan Thomas Stafford, is aimed at reducing drunk driving – an awful source of fatalities and accidents across the world, particularly in the US, with a massive cost to the society as well as individual families. With their app-based designated drivers on demand service, BLAXi intends to make roads safer.

HAAS Alert

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, HAAS Alert, founded by Cory Hohs, Jigar Patel, and Noah Levens, is on a mission to avoid collisions and ensure safety with their HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud service. They are developing innovative mobility solutions, aspiring for a connected, collision-free world. Follow them on Linkedin and Facebook to stay updated with their journey.


BASU orients its innovations around personal safety. Founded by Samuel Mansen and Shub Basu, and based in Walnut Creek, California, BASU develops consumer electronics, and since 2019, connected Smart Safety products focusing on personal safety and emergency response services. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Dashin, INC

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Dashin INC, founded by Thomas Jung out of Dallas, Texas, is playing its part in public safety reforms. The company is operating on the front-foot in crafting wireless safety solutions for the modern age.

Bishop Ascendant, Inc.

Founded by Justin Bishop and based in West Caldwell, New Jersey, Bishop Ascendant, has curated “Spark”, a portable unit delivering power and water in remote areas simultaneously, fostering better living conditions and improving public safety.

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